About Us

TesCom has been serving the Telecommunications and CATV Industry for over 35 years. TesCom was founded in 1982. We continue to follow three simple business principles that formed the basis for the company:

  1. We provide the services our customers need.
  2. We perform these services with the highest quality standard.
  3. We give the customer exceptional value.

Today our company is divided into three divisions:

Manufacturing and Sales Divisions: We manufacture Halcyon, CopperPro, 635 Quickbert, and NetDSL test equipment, Tiempo 6400 series timing and synchronization clocks, and semiconductor thermocouples. Everything we sell is guaranteed and certified by our internal Laboratories so our customers are assured of high quality products and full warranty coverage after the sale. Contact this team via sales@tescomusa.com

Calibration Laboratories: We have an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Austin, TX. Our services include Calibrating General Electronic Laboratory Test Sets, RF, Optical and Physical/Dimensional Equipment. Contact this team via calsupport@tescomusa.com

Repair Laboratories: With three repair labs located in Austin, TX, San Jose, CA, and South Bend, IN, our North American footprint provides regional service capabilities throughout the US. We service thousands of units per month including fiber optic, transmission, DSL, broadband equipment and many more. If it’s used to maintain a carrier network, we repair it. Contact this team via service@tescomusa.com

Corporate Office:
Remittance Address: Bill To Address:
15527 Ranch Road 620 N P.O. Box 2555 1130 Boydston Circle
Austin, TX 78717 San Antonio, TX 78299-2555 Fort Gibson, OK 74434